Department of pediatric and adolescent medicine

The pediatric and adolescent medicine department at Helios Hospital Krefeld specialises in diagnosing and treating immunological, rheumatological diseases, gastrointestinal tract diseases, liver, kidneys, oncological, heart diseases and diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders in children and adolescents. In addition, the department's perinatal centre offers highly-qualified medical care for high-risk pregnant women and preterm births. Specialists in prenatal medicine, obstetrics, neonatal and premature infant medicine and pediatric surgery are at the patient's side around the clock. The department is one of the few institutions in Germany specialising in the differential diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with primary immunodeficiencies and rheumatic diseases. The medical team is constantly undergoing advanced training to provide modern medical services. Many pathologies are treated in cooperation with other departments of the clinic.

The department has extensive experience treating children and adolescents with type 1 and 2 diabetes. The department's specialists provide medical care to detect diabetes mellitus and its complications, such as severe hypoglycemia or diabetic foot syndrome. In addition, the department can measure glucose continuously. A decisive role in the treatment of the disease is played by individual, group and family courses, in which patients with diabetes are taught a new way of life.

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