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Department of vascular surgery and phlebology

Dr. med. Andreas Gussmann
vascular surgery and phlebology

About the department

The department of vascular surgery and phlebology at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch has all modern diagnostic and treatment procedures for arterial and venous surgeries and lymphatic vessel interventions. With a highly specialized team, a personally tailored treatment is offered to each patient, primarily - endovascular surgery. This gentle and minimally invasive surgical technique is made possible by the hybrid operating room. The surgeons clearly view the vessels during the procedure using angiography technology. The station has 13 modern twin rooms, a tea kitchen, and an open area for visitors and patients. The surgeons operate according to proven procedures to restore blood flow in the event of narrowing of the carotid artery or blockage of the leg arteries. In the case of protrusions (aneurysms) in the thoracic and abdominal arteries, however, the focus is on modern endovascular surgery, i.e. operations inside the vessels. 

Therapy is available for varicose veins, narrowed or widened vessels (aneurysms, atherosclerosis, etc.), carotid arteries, and the implantation of bypass systems for dialysis and chemotherapy.

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Treatment and diagnostic focus of the department

Therapies for vasoconstriction and vasodilation:

  • Removal of aneurysms (vascular bulges) in the abdominal artery and the extremities (arms and legs)
  • Use of prostheses, i.e. Artificial vessels or the body’s veins
  • Procedures inside the vessels using catheter technology to treat aneurysms (endovascular surgery)
  • Vascular expansion using minimally invasive surgery, so-called percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) and more

Treatment of varicose veins:

  • Stripping, i.e. Cutting off and releasing the varicose vein
  • Plastic treatment of advanced-stage ulceration of varicose veins
  • Non-surgical treatment concepts such as infusion and physiotherapy

Bypass operations:

  • Depending on the possibility and findings with artificial vessels (prostheses) or the body's veins
  • Bypasses in all vessel sections with aneurysms or advanced arterial occlusions

Operations on the carotid artery:

  • Surgical treatment for narrowed carotid arteries (carotid surgery)
  • Carotid artery dissection to prevent stroke
  • Use of artificial vessels (prostheses) for changes in the carotid artery

Vascular access during dialysis or chemotherapy:

  • Bypass systems for dialysis patients
  • Port systems for chemotherapy or infusion therapy
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