Helios Bordeklinik Oschersleben

Oschersleben, Germany
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Helios Bordeklinik Oschersleben
Helios Bordeklinik Oschersleben
Helios Bordeklinik Oschersleben

About the hospital

Helios Bordeklinik Oschersleben is a multidisciplinary, highly standardized primary care clinic specializing in plastic, aesthetic and hand surgery. The medical centre is one of the most modern clinics in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. The hospital arose from two hospitals founded in 1894 in the sports town of Oschersleben and began its work in 2014 in the leading medical network Helios. Thanks to the investment and capital renovation of the building, new high-tech departments and the clinic's interior were designed according to the type of a high-quality hotel and according to world medical standards.

Helios Bordeklinik has 184 beds and serves more than 9,000 inpatients and almost 11,000 outpatients per year. Service covers the population's needs and constantly expands the range of services, analyzing requirements and the latest global trends.

Helios Bordeklinik in Oschersleben was awarded a gold certificate by the nationwide "Clean Hands" campaign for continuous compliance with hand hygiene measures. Only two other clinics out of a total of 47 hospitals in Saxony-Anhalt have this award. The highly qualified staff constantly confirms its professionalism and is highly valued with quality certificates and awards. One of them is the "Hand Surgery" expert certificate from the German Society of Hand Surgery. Also, the medical centre regularly engages in educational activities for the population, supporting charitable actions. Bordeklinik Oschersleben cooperates with the Malteser Hilfsdienst to train emergency paramedics and the University Hospital Magdeburg to exercise medical and technical radiology assistants. Online lectures are held in the clinic, and a hotline works permanently regarding unique pain therapy methods.

The most popular area of ​​Helios Bordeklinik is plastic, aesthetic surgery and hand surgery. In addition, high-quality treatment is provided here in the department of cardiology, pediatric and adult urology, general surgery and therapy, gastroenterology, gerontology, palliative medicine and pain therapy. The team of nurses helps patients at all stages of treatment, surrounding them with a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

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Founded in 1894
20,000 patients
184 beds available
N/A department

Why is the hospital the best place for hand surgery in Germany?

The clinic has a specialized department with an expert "Hand Surgery" certificate. Doctors use artificial joints of fingers and wrists with world recognition, which is carried out only by a few specialists in Germany. Physicians offer arthroscopy through minor skin incisions.

Can I have nerve reconstruction at Helios Bordeklinik Oschersleben?

Qualified hand surgeons with extensive experience perform interventions to restore the function of nerves. Fast and proper diagnosis with modern equipment significantly improves the accuracy of interventions. The nerve repair surgery can also be offered for other locations.

Does the hospital offer spine treatment?

Specialists use multimodal pain therapy in various fields to treat chronic pain. The therapy combines physical therapy with mental treatment for a fixed period. Individual and group exercises play a role here and teach relaxation techniques. Also, new effective and safe drugs pomp are available.

About the city

Oschersleben is the most populous city with 19,000 inhabitants in the district of Berde in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The city is located in the center of the Magdeburg Borde and has been heavily influenced by agriculture due to the fertile soil.

The history of the city is more than 1000 years old. Historic buildings are scattered throughout the town and integral to it: the preserved remains of Oschersleben Castle, the Baroque Town Hall from 1691, the Neo-Gothic Protestant Nicolaikirche from 1400, and the Catholic Marienkirche, built next to a plague cross from the 14th century. The ruins of the Peseckendorfer Warte tower are located in an open field to the east of the city. Oschersleben is famous for the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, built-in 1997. The racetrack, which has already hosted many national and international races, is one of the five permanent racetracks in Germany. The world's largest Opel fan meeting occurs yearly at the Motorsport Arena. In 2010, more than 65,000 visitors arrived in almost 20,000 vehicles. The city also has a zoo, which is excellent for family fun.

In 1892, the district council of Oschersleben decided to build a hospital and chose a plot of land on Triftstrasse in Oschersleben for construction. And already in April 1984, it was planned to open a hospital. Unfortunately, almost 50 years later, the hospital fell victim to the Oschersleben bombing and could no longer be used as a clinic. The new beginning occurred in extraordinary and challenging conditions in the nearby castle of Neindorf. One hundred twenty-five years later, the court still stands, but next to it in a rural idyll, the state-of-the-art Helios Bordeklinik Oschersleben, which serves 20,000 patients from all over the world, has sprung up. The multidisciplinary hospital has recognized success in hand surgery, conducts educational campaigns for the public, and trains highly qualified medical personnel in cooperation with colleges and universities.

Historical Oschersleben is gradually becoming a place for developing sports culture and a medical center thanks to residents' significant investments, friendliness, and hard work.

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