Department of sports injuries

The department of sports injuries at ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Frankfurt am Main provides athletes with world-class medical services. The head of the department has been consistently listed as an expert of exceptional level since 2004. For example, in 2021, as the top shoulder surgeon. The staff at the department is professionally trained and continuously receives further education in the field of sports medicine. The department is equipped with modern full-body assessment devices for check-ups (prophylaxis) and return-to-sports (metaphylaxis) programs. A team of physical therapists and other support staff are working together to achieve the most optimal results in the shortest time. The treatment is always evidence-based, following the latest scientific and practical findings. The procedures are carried following the regulations of the Medical Advisory Board Medical Networks.

Preventive check-ups, return-to-sports tests, and treatment/diagnosis of sports injuries are critical services at the department. Treatment is available in an out-patient and in-patient manner.

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