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Department of spine surgery

The department of spine surgery at Academic Hospital Neuwerk Monchengladbach specializes in the conservative and surgical treatment of all back pain syndromes caused by herniated or protruded discs, inflammatory changes, osteoporosis, tumours, etc. Doctors of the department use new surgical methods that provide an exceptionally safe result and fast healing time. The operating microscope and modern video endoscopic techniques are the gold standards, with particular attention to minimally invasive access methods ("keyhole surgery"). Often, doctors insert implants under 3D image guidance using computer navigation, the so-called O-arm.

The doctors are first-class specialists in the conservative treatment of back diseases. For most patients, spinal pain syndrome is successfully treated with traditional methods. The key to the success of conventional medicine is an effective combination of drug therapy, special thermotherapy and exercise therapy. Also, the department pays special attention to the so-called revision surgery. This refers to the surgical treatment of patients who have already undergone surgery but do not feel improvement. Another area of activity of the department is the treatment of osteoporotic changes or injuries of the spine. Surgeons pass on their experience and knowledge as instructors to future generations of spinal surgeons nationally and internationally through many seminars.

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