Department of thoracic surgery

The department of thoracic surgery at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte specialises in the surgical treatment of thoracic cavity organs. The department is a part of the Centre Lung Clinic and the certified by the German Cancer Society as a Lung Cancer Centre. The department is known for its experienced and qualified surgeons team, which also provides urgent operations all around the clock. Moreover, the doctors work on modern and gentle surgical equipment in their routine medical practice. It's worth mentioning that the department is certified by the German Society for Thoracic Surgery (DGT). Furthermore, the head physician of the department is a member of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). The particular interest is in combining thoracic surgery interventions with interventional radiology for the best outcome in advanced oncological cases.

The medical focus of the department is minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery. The operations are performed mainly on the lungs and the mediastinum, and the diaphragm, tumour diseases of the lungs and chest wall.

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